Backpack API Resources


24 Jul 2007

Here’s what people are doing with the Backpack API so far.

Applescript Wrapper

Ruby Wrapper

PHP Wrapper

SimpleBackpack is a simple PHP wrapper class for the Backpack API. It uses curl for API calls and can return SimleXML objects if you have the SimpleXML extension installed, otherwise it’ll return the plain xml response


Perl extension for interfacing with Backpack


This is a python implementation of the Backpack API. The API is complete. The only known problem is that the tag a page interface doesn’t seem to actually do anything useful as documented. I haven’t looked into this yet since I don’t plan on using it. I just included it to be API complete.

An included test suite has a pretty good amount of coverage for what can actually be covered (i.e. response parsing is included, but actual server interactions are not).

It’s a completely literal mapping of the published API with no attempt at refactoring. I considered collapsing this into a smaller functional interface, but opted to stay 100% in lockstep with the originating API for the first iteration.

Cold Fusion CFC Wrapper
I’m a helpful kind of guy so I thought I’d add my own: a CFC wrapper. What this does is allow ColdFusion programmers to quickly implement the API in their own code without having to write an interface from scratch. Once you copy this CFC to your site somewhere, simply call it with a couple lines of code, pass in any variables (if required) and you’ll receive a ColdFusion XML object back with the response from Backpack’s server!

“For the moment there’s no UI to speak of, just the lower-level lisp infrastructure for each API cal, but I plan to have a user app on top of this.”


The code is at

Greasemonkey scripts

Backpack It!
Backpack It! is a Greasemonkey user script that allows quick and easy adding of web page content (text and images) as notes to your Backpack with a simple keypress.

Example public uses

Backpack Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

O’Reilly Book Page
Combines the Backpack API and the API to generate Backpack pages with book data.

→ If you have other examples of the Backpack API in action, please email them to jason at 37signals dot com. Thank you.