Getting Real Press/Buzz


24 Jul 2007

A collection of reviews, press, and buzz around the web about Getting Real, the new book by 37signals. Getting Real helps you discover the smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application.

Getting Real is now officially our “bible” 6 Mar 2006

“I just finished reading Getting Real and I loved it…I’ll definitely keep you posted about our project—Getting Real is now officially our ‘bible.’”
-Bill Emmack

A fantastic collection of essays! 7 Mar 2006

“What a fantastic collection of essays! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your collection of advice. While I don’t have to agree with everything – I have to agree with your consistency in commitment. Its what makes your apps great, Rails great – you are unwaveringly committed to your beliefs. And I believe that is more important than trying to accommodate the world. Keep rocking the boat!”
-David Raphael, CTO and Executive VP, Mobile Evolution

A beautiful piece of work 6 Mar 2006

“Your book is a beautiful piece of work…You’ve said, what I’m sure many people have been wanting to say for a long time.”
-David Jones

A great read 6 Mar 2006

“Getting Real was a great read, really enjoyed it.”
-Steve Gallagher

A really solid book 3 Mar 2006

“This is a really solid book. It’s provocative…Well done.”
-Stuart Sutherland

Written exceptionally well 4 Mar 2006

“You guys have done wonderful work and the book is written exceptionally well. It’s been a joy to read and compare with the host of issues we’ve had over the years… Great Stuff!”
-Gear Fisher

I really enjoyed the book 3 Mar 2006

“I really enjoyed the book (read it last night). i think some people think that a reader needs to be ‘crushed with brilliance’. hats off to you for laying out your common sense approach in something that’s easy to digest.”

One of the most inspirational books I have read in a long time 3 Mar 2006

“Great job 37Signals, this is one of the most inspirational books I have read in a long time.”
-David Martin

Excellent book! 3 Mar 2006

“Excellent book!”

Compelling reading 3 Mar 2006

“Compelling reading.”

A brain supercharge 3 Mar 2006

“I got more out of reading this little e-book than just about any other computer-related book I’ve ever read on any topic that I can possibly think of. Whoa. I think you applied Getting Real to the book. :) And that’s fine – when I want verbose frills, I’ll read Jame Fenimore Cooper. When I want a brain supercharge, I’ll read something like this.”
-Jared White

Every page gives me new ideas 3 Mar 2006

“I’m reading my copy right now and I swear if my brain could salivate you’d see drool pouring from every orifice…Every page (I’m on 28 right now) gives me new ideas, or at the very least, reminds me of things I’ve already been exposed to…I’m in charge of changing the direction of our primary web site. Since I started reading Getting Real, I’ve got 5 solid ideas for posts I NEED to write in order to make this thing a success; and I know it can be.”

Nice work 3 Mar 2006

“Nice work guys! Well worth the wait. This book is a great reinforcement to what was taught in the workshop.”
-Bill P

Quality 3 Mar 2006

“In a word, quality. Thanks 37s for what you’re doing and for sharing the knowledge love.”

I have not been able to put it down 3 Mar 2006

“One of my colleagues turned me on to the book earlier this week and I have to say after downloading the book yesterday, I have not been able to put it down. Great job guys!”
-Don Grantham

A great book! 3 Mar 2006

“Thanks for a great book! Perfect to take out those days when you’re feeling a bit blocked and want some inspiration, I for one got a such a energyboost reading last night that i skipped work today to digg out those old dreamprojects I had under my pillow!”
-Kim Fransman

Amazing 3 Mar 2006

“Read the book last night. One word ‘amazing’...Thanks for the paradigm shift”

Great work 7 Mar 2006

“I read and enjoyed the book. I’ve reccomended our clients buy it. Great work.”

Outstanding book 7 Mar 2006

“Outstanding book. no nonsense, to the point, lots of excellent ideas, all in one convenient place. Lots that can be put to good use and I thank you for writing it down.”

I loved it 7 Mar 2006

“Wow! I loved it. Getting real is now mandatory reading for my clients.”
-Peter Koning, Founder,

Fantastic advice 8 Mar 2006

“A fabulous read! We are in the process of launching our first Ruby on Rails project and there was some fantastic advice here. The app is being developed for a government agency, and I am taking in snippets from the book tomorrow and see if I can get them to all buy a copy.”
-Henry Gooden, Good Dog Design

Helpful and inspiring 8 Mar 2006

“I want to thank you for publishing such a helpful and inspiring text; When one has been a part of the ‘wrong’ way of doing things for so long, it’s very refreshing to know that there are better options.”

It’s turned my perspective completely upside-down 10 Mar 2006

“It’s turned my perspective completely upside-down…and that’s a good thing.”

Best $ I ever spent on a business book 13 Mar 2006

“Useful, and above all, motivating. Best $ I ever spent on a business book.”
-Steven Rummel

I can’t express how much I enjoyed Getting Real 15 Mar 2006

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed Getting Real…I simply love how you do work.”
-Rami Kayyali

I just want to write to congratulate you guys on a wonderful book 21 Mar 2006

“I just want to write to congratulate you guys on a wonderful book. It provided great insight into the development, design and implementation of stellar web apps. Also your web apps themselves are designed terrifically. Good Luck in the future and all the best. Hopefully my ideas can come to fruition just as your products have.”
-Rob Edwards

Your book shoud be required reading 21 Mar 2006

“Your book shoud be required reading, as a first assignment, in every computer school.”
-Louis Naugès

It is an incredible and very relevant book 24 Mar 2006

“I can honestly say that this is the first book I’ve read about software development that has been able to reignite my passion for the process. It is an incredible and very relevant book. Thank you guys for publishing it. I am encouraging everyone I know to order a copy.”
-Anthony Papillion

The bible for how we work together 28 Mar 2006

“It’s essentially the bible for how we work together…Thanks for this concise, no bullshit compendium of what’s realistically involved in delivering good software under real-world constraints.”

Our new bible 5 Apr 2006

”’Getting Real’ is our new bible.”
-Jerome, Mediality3D

The best $19 I’ve ever spent on any business material 25 Apr 2006

“It’s just the kick I need to get going on my project…Thanks again for the motivation and this was the best $19 I’ve ever spent on any business material! Keep up the good work.”
-Kevin Gainey

Excellent work 7 May 2006

“Excellent work on articulating something so many of us almost know by intuition, but can’t quite hit.”
-Charlie Triplett

Getting Real is helping me analyze things in new ways 7 May 2006

“I’m in the middle stages of developing a web service and Getting Real is helping me analyze things in new ways at the perfect time—helping me through some tough decisions.”
-William Belk

Great ideas 19 May 2006

“You’ve got great ideas here and it’s about time someone wrote them down. I can’t wait to put them in practice. A million thanks!”

“I learned more useful and applicable concepts in the hours I spent reading the book than I did in the entire SE course” 19 May 2006

“I recently graduated from NYU with a degree in Computer Science and one of the last courses I took was an advanced elective on Software Engineering. I did more work for that class than I did for any other CS course I took at NYU… Having just finished reading Getting Real, I think I can safely say I learned more useful and applicable concepts in the hours I spent reading the book than I did in the entire SE course.”
-Chris L.

“I’m now getting feedback on what the users really want” 25 May 2006

“If it weren’t for that book I probably would’ve put off release weeks while working on features people didn’t really need, when I’m now getting feedback on what the users really want. The book was very easy reading, with great quotes from authors I recognized. Well done.”
-Dan Grossman